Starting Over

Paulie, version 1

I went to Portland this past weekend to take Joji's Sweaters That Fit class at Happy Knits. She had some great tips, the first one being, take your measurements and read the pattern.

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it made me go back to Paulie and revisit the pattern. It always bothered me that it just never fit right. The sleeves were really snug. It was tight around my bust,  so I redid the button band to add more width. The collar didn't lay right, so I even added short rows to the back of the neck. Even with these modifications, I never felt comfortable wearing it. I would tug and stretch at it. 

So with new eyes, I got home, took Paulie out and read the directions. And sure enough,  I knitted the wrong size! But you probably saw that coming two paragraphs ago. I do have an excuse, but it's not a very good one, so needless to say. I decided to redo the sweater.

And I'm going to do things right. Which means also redoing my blog. There are so many reasons to love Ravelry, but it has made me lazy. Upload photo, write a few notes, done-zo! 

Well, not this time. I want to be thoughtful with my knitting, as well as everything else in my life. I find myself pulled in a million directions and this is a way for me to pay attention, to the most obvious of things, so I don't make such stupid mistakes.

So, I'm starting again. With Step One: Taking my measurements.

I've been knitting for about 15 years now and I have to say, I don't really remember a time I took my measurements the way I'm suppose to. I just took my bra size as my bust measurement and since I'm pretty petite, assumed I was roughly in the small/medium range. So my first mistake in Paulie was just following the directions for the second set of numbers in the pattern, without really reading what size it really was for. (In my defense, the finished size measurement was in centimeters.) Turns out I should have followed the third set of numbers by my 'bra size = bust.' 

Second thing I did was take the finished Paulie sweater (which was already blocked) and got a gauge, since the yarn I was using was different than the yarn called for in the pattern. And with that little gem of information, I realized I should have followed the fourth set of numbers.

Did you get that? I knitted the sweater 30% smaller than I should have. Granted, for a split second I did think I could just lose 30% of my body weight, but seeing how I struggle with my New Year Resolution to lose 10 pounds, knitting the sweater again would have to be solution.